Classroom Management Ideas - Easy Ways to Positively Manage Students' Behavior

June 22, 2022

Here’s a quick list of simple ways to positively manage behavior in the classroom. These tips are designed to be easy and quick. You’ll find ways to manage the entire class and individual students. 

Many of the ideas are things you probably do intuitively. However, this list provides a simple reminder of some effective ways to positively manage students’ behavior.

If a student is becoming distracted or talking too much, stand right by their desk.  Continue your instruction as usual.  Just moving closer to them is often enough to alleviate the distracting behavior.

If a lesson is not going particularly well or if students are super chatty, just get out your seating chart and start changing seats.  Quite often a new seating arrangement equals a much quieter classroom.

On a particularly challenging day, write “PRIZE” on the board.  For even the slightest infraction, erase a letter.  If any letter in the word is remaining at the end of the class period, then the kids get a prize (no homework, pick their seats next class, stickers, candy).  However, it’s important to be firm and strict – erase letters like crazy.  Sometimes, it’s even more effective for students to NOT earn a prize to show that you mean business.

Arrange the desks in your classroom so that you can easily circulate in between desks.  Move a lot.  Teach from the back, middle, side, and front of the classroom.  

Establish a system that recognizes kids making positive choices (for example:  this FREE positive behavior punch card). 

Make a point to acknowledge students that are doing the right thing. The more you focus on the “good,” the happier you and your students will be.

It’s possible to spend most of your time with a select few students in the classroom.  One way to ensure that you are engaging each student in the room is to carry around a class roster for a few days.  Each time you call on a student add a check next to their name on the roster.  This will help you ensure that each student has an opportunity to participate.

If the room gets rowdy, go to your desk and sit down.  Busy yourself with tasks at your desk.  In a few minutes, an awkward silence will come over the room. At this point, just get up and start teaching again.


I hope you've found a fresh idea or two, or that you've been reminded of a tip you had in your "teacher toolbox." If you're on the hunt for even more ways to positively manage students' behavior, be sure to check out this collection of classroom management ideas!

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Mary Beth 

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